Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Who Does Stitch Fix Think I Am?

I received my first Stitch Fix in mid-March and up until I received Stitch Fix #6 last month and #7 this week, I was pretty happy with what I was receiving in my Fixes. But these last two months have me wondering exactly who Stitch Fix thinks I am.

Fix #6

I don't even have the energy to label what everything was so here are just the pictures from #6.

I would never carry this. Going back.

The stylist wrote she thought I would like these jeans since I said I wanted tight pants. No, I never said that. I like pants to fit. I said I wanted CROPPED pants, not tight ones. Going back.

Love the pattern and color of this dress.
Absolutely hate the gather at the waist.

Also, the "waist" is two-plus inches ABOVE my real waist. Going back.

Loved the color, not a fan of the sleeves and the neckline was crazy.
I had no idea what to do with it to make it look okay. Going back.

Cute chevron pattern, love the color. KEEPER. My only one of Fix #6.

Fix #7

With my first less-than-stellar Fix behind me, I had high hopes for #7. Again, I'm not even going to list all the names and prices out, just give you the pictures.

Let's start just by looking at the color palette in this box. Could it BE more drab? Am I going to prison? Ugh.

Love the color of this shirt and that was about it. Material was too...flimsy. 
I like clothes that are more structured, where collars can stand up without having to be propped up. BUT SEE THESE PANTS STITCH FIX? I WANT THEM IN ALL COLORS! (Margaret Emer cropped pants from an early successful Fix.)

It also pulled weirdly around the chest area and I am not remotely stacked!

Loved the color and some of the detailing on this shirt, which won't show up in the picture, but this was too...large. Two of me could have fit in here.

Too large.

I have a huge handful of fabric gathered behind my back. If the shirt fit more like this, I might've kept it.

Could this top make me look any wider?

Drab color, fits like an army tent. Just, no.

This is my "What the hell Stitch Fix?!" face. Am I a jailbird?
Who would look good in this? Answer: definitely not me.

And once again, the top finger is pointing at where Stitch Fix thinks my waist is, while the lower finger is pointing at where my waist really is.

Here's the face again. Seriously, who do they think I am? They have a link to my blog and my Pinterest board. Quick glances at those would not show anything like this outfit!

The pants were comfortable and fit well, but I wasn't a fan of the drab color, they were the kind of fabric which will never look ironed, and the legs were a few inches too long. Even with heels on, the pants would drag on the ground!

So, for the first time, I did not keep one single item from my Fix. I'm disappointed. I feel like the first few stylists I had found items that were cute and that I loved, but these last two months, I wonder if the stylists even looked at my Style Profile, blog and Pinterest boards, or read my feedback and notes from previous Fixes. Based on what I received and their notes (the note on this Fix was short and pretty impersonal....seemed like "Hannah" just grabbed stuff and threw it in a box), I don't think so.

Visit my previous Fix blog posts for a better review of Stitch Fix than this one. Stitch Fix back in the good old days...

Will I Stay With Stitch Fix?
I am going to give it another couple of months. I don't want to give up on it just yet. But if the next few Fixes are a bust, I'll probably stop the service.

I should say, I don't expect to keep all the items every time; however, I like to feel like even if I didn't keep items, I understood why the stylist sent them to me to try and I don't get that feeling these last two months. I'm happy with finding only one or two cool pieces to keep each time, but I want to feel like they're trying and this last Fix just seemed like a fail all the way around.

If you've tried Stitch Fix, how is it working for you? What do you love about it? (I love the convenience and it's fun!) I so hope Fix #8 is GREAT!

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  1. Fix #6 -- I kept that same top - SUPER comfy! Also, I got a sundress that's similar to the one they sent you - it was HIDEOUS!
    Fix #7 -- They sent me the same button down shirt - I loved the material, but also had the same weird issues around the chest. Ugh! I agree with your assessment of all the other items.
    I find that I'm either keeping everything (because I like 4/5 and it's cheaper to keep the entire caboodle) or I keep maybe 2 things. And, like you said, so long as I understand why they sent me items, I'm ok if I wind up sending them back. Hope it gets better for you soon!