Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I thought I would take a moment to do Ten on Tuesday! Thanks to Chelsea over at Roots and Rings for hosting and providing the questions!

1. How do you take your coffee?
I don't. My regular Starbucks order is a Grande Peppermint Hot Chocolate. However, Coke is my real coffee. I drink it every day!

2. Do you prefer soft or crispy chocolate chip cookies?
I prefer chewy and warm chocolate chip cookies. Or better yet, I can be happy just eating the dough straight out of the package before I get around to baking any.

3. Do you wear a belt everyday?
I haven't worn a belt since I graduated from college, not even with jeans. Post-baby especially, I am attempting to camouflage the mommy pooch in my waist-ish area, so I don't need a belt shouting, "LOOK! FAT RIGHT HERE!"

4. What is your favorite color combination?
Pale blue and black. Or turquoise and chocolate brown. Or cherry red and pale pink.

5. Do you like sour candy?
I LOVE Sour Patch Kids. Obsessed.

6. How often do you do laundry?
I do laundry almost every day. S often comes home from school with poopy, wet, or food-stained clothes, so I try to toss those in the wash and take care of them right away. Some weekends I do five loads in a row to catch up (towels, my lights, my darks, darks for S, lights for S).

7. Did you ever wear braces?
In third grade, I wore braces on my front two teeth and my bottom teeth to straighten them up for a year. Then, I wore this awful contraption called a bionator for another year to correct my overbite. I have pretty straight teeth today, so I think it was all worth it.

8. Are you good at Roman Numerals?
I know enough to figure out the year at the end of movies.

9. What is your favorite form of social media?
I love Facebook for connecting with my friends and family across the globe. It's especially great for sharing what is going on with S with her Canadian grandparents who don't get to see her often. I love Twitter as a way to learn from others with common interests (Harry Potter, mommy stuff, infertility issues, Castle love, etc.). I also love that I can ask a question out to the Twitterverse and almost instantaneously get an answer! That totally surprised my husband when I tried it recently.

I think Twitter is really my favorite at this point, because I feel like I've "met" so many interesting people from across the country, even the world! As I go through my day, I find myself checking in on my Twitter friends!

10. How do you feel about chin dimples?
I think dimples in general are awesome. And usually adorable. :)