Friday, March 14, 2014

Glam Delivered Right to Your Door

Recently, several bloggers I follow, particularly Nilsa and Ari, started blogging about Stitch Fix. I've enjoyed reading about and seeing the pictures of the clothes they've received every month. 

Several fantastic ladies (I'm looking at you Ginger and Laura!) I know receive makeup boxes every month with samples to try, and while I've been interested in that concept, I'm not into makeup quite enough to actually sign up for any of those services. YET.

But new clothes delivered straight to my door every month? SIGN. ME. UP. I never feel like I have enough time to shop as it is and I definitely need to expand my fashion horizons a bit from my current uniforms of Summer (capri pants and a top) and Winter (jeans, boots, and a top). (Those are the only two seasons here in Texas.) I thought this might help me try.

How does it work? You simply sign up online, fill out a questionnaire about your fashion likes and wardrobe needs, and select a date for your first Fix to arrive. When your Fix ships, you are charged a $20 styling fee that will be put toward any items you decide to purchase. If you send everything back in an included envelope, the styling fee is all you are charged.

So, Stitch Fix #1!

My stylist Shuchi picked out four items of clothing and one jewelry item for my first Fix. I loved her note about the pieces she selected for me and I really loved the card that gave ideas for styling each piece.

Note: Forgive my terrible selfies, just wanted to give a visual to each item in the Fix.

First Item: Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant, $78

These pants fit me perfectly and were SO comfortable. I really liked them, but I chose not to keep them for one big reason: CORDUROY. If I had received this box in October, maybe. But it's mid-March in South Texas and there will be no corduroy wearing for me. I get hot just thinking about it! But if Shuchi could send me these exact pants in a denim or stretch cotton, I'd be sold! (Although I would like a more cranberry red than orange red too.)

Second Item: Dovette Draped Detail Dress, $58

I loved the beautiful color of this dress and the soft material and while it doesn't photograph well, I loved the draping, which camouflages the mommy pooch perfectly. I showed it to J and he really liked it too and he's a tough judge. The only problem was that while it fit my lower half well, the top half was too large and had huge armholes that showed my bra on each side. I considered tailoring, but realistically, I don't have the time or money to do so. The dress is going back.

Third Item: Toshi Contrast Detail Blazer, $88

I love a good blazer, so I was really excited to receive one in my box. Unfortunately, although I loved the cut of the blazer, it was too tight for me in the shoulders and arms, so I could barely move them. I was pretty bummed out as I really loved the polka dot contrast trim. Going back.

Fourth Item: Gwendolen V-Back Knit Shirt, $58

Business in the front
Party in the back LOL.

Finally a keeper! From the front, this navy knit shirt looks like a basic boatneck style, but from behind it has a little V that gives it a nice twist. I love the cut of the shirt and navy is kind of my fashion obsession these days, so I'm keeping the top and look forward to styling it with a few things already in my wardrobe. :)

Fifth Item: Oxford Layered Chains Necklace, $52

What Shuchi doesn't know is that I have a large neck and am not a fan of chokers. This necklace felt like it was strangling me. I like my necklaces a little longer and more sparkly, less heavy metal.

V-Back styled for dinner this evening with cropped jeans,
 heels, my favorite scarf, and sparkly jewelry

Thoughts Overall
One keeper and four returns (although two were almost keepers)...I don't consider this a failure by any means. I really love the navy V-back and I had a great time trying new things on. I went online to indicate what I was keeping and give feedback about the items I'm returning, so hopefully Shuchi will have more information to make my next Stitch Fix even better. I'm interested to see what I receive in my mid-April delivery! This is a really fun service!

Disclaimer: The Stitch Fix links I put throughout my post are referral links. If you use my referral link to sign up for Stitch Fix, I will receive a $25 credit to my account to put toward a future Stitch Fix. However, all the opinions here are my own and I am not being compensated in any way to review Stitch Fix. I paid my $20 styling fee, and with the one item I'm keeping from this box, I'm paying a total of $58 (including the original styling fee). I just thought it would be fun to share what I received and what I think of this service!