Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Baby Grownup Girl

Sophie, now five and a half, is growing up faster than I like.
It really struck me this week. Last week, on our way to Florida for vacation, she carried her own backpack and pulled her own suitcase. We had no stroller to deal with and no child to carry for the first time ever and we were THRILLED that she was pulling her own weight (as it were) as a traveler. So proud of our big girl. That didn't bother me at all.

Pulling her suitcase like a boss
Then, last night after her bath, Sophie told me her tooth hurt. I took a look and the tooth wiggled very loosely.
"Sophie, your baby tooth is loose," I told her.
"MOMMY! I HAVE A WIGGLY TOOTH! I HAVE A WIGGLY TOOTH!" she exclaimed. I called for J to come and he hugged her and was congratulating her on this milestone when I felt tears pricking my eyes.

Wiggly tooth, right there

My baby is losing her baby teeth, literally the last vestiges of her babyhood. MY BABY. I'm not ready for this, friends. It's really hitting me.
She's finishing Kindergarten. She'll turn six in August. She's losing her baby teeth. She's as tall as my boobs (yes, really). But she's just my little baby. How did this happen?

See? Boob high
Every day, she makes me laugh with her pronouncements on things, always starting with "Good news, Mommy!" or "Do you want to know something crazy?" She is reading everything in sight, whether she likes to admit it or not. She is becoming a good little swimmer and works hard at it every week. She is SO over princesses, showing no interest in them last week at all (except Elsa, because ICE POWER).
But in my heart, she's always going to be my baby, my little princess. So I'll just be over here drying my tears, watching her grow up.

Baby teeth firmly in place

My little princess

Update: Before I could post this, Sophie's baby tooth came out as she brushed her teeth before bed. The Tooth Fairy is glad she had time on her lunch break today to prepare for the occasion. Mommy is still in teary denial.

Gap on top and bottom

Going rate for a first tooth is $5

OK, and a little wand and some fairy dust


  1. Reading this post after a night of poor sleep = tears; great BIG TEARS! As another mama to an only child, I am already getting a little sad that Gavin is growing up (and he's only 3). I can only imagine how you're feeling.

  2. Joseph asked me to feel something in his mouth today (well he asked his little brother first and I intervened because I had reason to believe it was a possible biting joke). And there I could see his first two permanent teeth poking through the gum line. He will be seven in September and is the only kid in his class not to lose a tooth yet and he's been so bummed about it. But hasn't gotten easier for this mama second time around. Also doesn't help that last night his little brother went to a kindergarten orientation...