Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Blog Absence Brought to You by Twilight

I was on a really good blogging roll during the month of July, and then, almost three weeks ago, I discovered the Twilight phenomenon.

Now, I haven't been living under a rock. The first movie came out while I was on maternity leave, so I heard about it, but was a scooch more focused on my DARLING, ADORABLE BABY to go to a movie or read a book. Since then, obviously, I've heard all about the movies and the books when New Moon came out and then again just six weeks ago, when Eclipse premiered.

And still...very little interest in seeing the movies or reading the books. Kind of thought people were a little crazy for being obsessed with it. Not sure why...Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are hot and I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but really did not care for Interview with a Vampire, and I think I mistakenly thought it would be more Rice-like than Scooby Gang.

And then, on a random Sunday night, with nothing on TV, I happened upon the movie on Showtime. I watched the last half and thought, hmm...interesting. My husband was out of town for the week, and TV was a wasteland, so when I saw it was on again the next night (gotta love Showtime), I DVR'd it and watched it after my daughter went to bed.

And that was it...I was obsessed. Crazy.

The following night I rented New Moon. And then I watched Twilight again Wednesday and Thursday night. When my husband came home Friday night, I was like, hey--good to see you! I'm going to see a 10:20 showing of Eclipse! Watch the baby for me!

And then I bought all four of the books and read them in about six days. I'm a fast reader, but even so, my husband was impressed...and probably a little perplexed with why his wife was all of a sudden obsessed with vampires and wolves LOL.

And then I bought the Twilight soundtrack and put it in heavy rotation on my iPod.

Note to other parents: The slow or instrumental songs on this soundtrack do an excellent job of lulling toddlers to sleep in the car.

More Twilight watching, ANOTHER rental of New Moon ensued this week, and I'm plotting to go see Eclipse again this weekend. Somebody help me.

In fairness, my Twilight obsession is not the ONLY thing that has kept me from blogging. I'm smack dab in the middle of two MAJOR projects at work that are causing me to want to tear my perfectly highlighted hair right out of my head and making me work some extra hours. I'm also in the final stages of party planning for my daughter's second birthday extravaganza next weekend, trying to figure out where to take her for two-year portraits now that my favorite studio has closed, shopping for our upcoming Jamaica vacation, and still carrying a bit of the parental load, although my husband is slowly doing better on the recovery front.

BUT...Twilight is probably the biggest factor in my lack of blogging, since I've mostly watched and re-watched it after my daughter goes to bed, which is usually when I blog. :) I'll try to be better, if I can resist temptation...

And for the record...TEAM EDWARD all the way!


  1. Team EDWARD???? I haven't read the books or seen the movies, so I'm going PURELY on looks here... but I vote Team JACOB! Taylor Lautner is one hot teenager (I feel so dirty saying that).

    Maybe I SHOULD pick up the books? I've heard great things about them...


  2. I'm not saying Jacob isn't H-O-T Elizabeth...he totally is. I wouldn't kick him out of bed and yes, I feel totally dirty for even thinking that! EEK! And he's sweet and strong and all of that. But ultimately Bella loves him more as a friend, while Edward is her true love. And Robert Pattinson has perfected the sort of tortured, smoldering look that just slays me. (He also rocks a six-pack in New's just only shown ONCE vs. Jacob's 65 shirtless scenes LOL.) I actually just watched Robert Pattinson in Remember Me last night and he's just wicked sexy in addition to being a good actor. So Team Edward!

    I liked the books...Bella's a little wimpier in the books than she's portrayed on screen, but there is something about the books that is strangely compelling. I'd buy them all though because it's hard to stop. I got Twilight, finished it in a day, then went back for the other three. The lady at the store was like, don't you want the first one? I was like, um, I have it--that's why I'm getting these! LOL

    Enjoy...and let me know what you think!