Friday, March 26, 2010

I am Glam-O-Mommy (at least in my own mind)

My life is not particularly glamorous. OK, not remotely glamorous. I am a married mother of one child under the age of two. I work four days a week in an office, while my daughter is in day school three blocks away. I used to have a flat stomach and small, but perky boobs. Now I have a poochy stomach and small, but droopy boobs. I carry Pampers Wipes with me at all times. I spent the night of the Oscars watching alone, in my flannel pajama pants, folding loads and loads of tiny laundry as my husband and daughter slept.

I'll never walk a red carpet in my life, and I don't have the money to buy super expensive things, but that doesn't mean I have to put on mom jeans and pull my hair into a scrunchie and give up. I am Glam-O-Mommy!

You'll rarely catch me outside my house without a full face of makeup. I wear jeans and heels to the playground. I revel in mani/pedis. My husband and I take our daughter everywhere with us, to restaurants, on vacations, to the mall. Yes, I'm that mom, clattering through the airport in a cute outfit, matching jewelry, and heels, pushing a cutely coordinated toddler in a stroller while carrying a shiny red Dooney and Burke purse, a non-matching Graco diaper bag, and a pink stuffed pig. Look closely and you'll note I am glistening ever so slightly as I pass, because I am a hot mama, literally. But I'm trying! I aspire to glamour.

I find glamour in small things, like indulging in a Grande Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, occasionally buying overpriced makeup from Sephora, having three signature perfumes I like to wear (not all at once), picking my daughter up from school every day and getting covered in her drooly kisses, and hanging out with her in a fairy princess tent in our living room.

I want more than I have, but have more than I ever dreamed of growing up. I'm grateful for my family, which in addition to my hockey-playing, IT guy husband and adorable genius toddler daughter, includes my loving, kooky parents, the grandparentals, who live across town and are happy to provide free babysitting any time.

This blog is intended to be a place where I can write freely. If you don't like what I have to say, no worries. Kindly move on to another blog. I'm simply expressing my personal opinions in a creative outlet. If you do like what I have to say, wonderful. Grab a Starbucks, pull up a chair, and let's chat, shall we?

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